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Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (“NORM”) is a naturally occurring phenomena and contamination can occur in many areas such as produced water and oil production. Exposure to radiation is serious risk to the environment and workers. EPDI offers unique solutions including a chemical formulation that reduces the contamination to safe levels, therefore reducing exposure to workers.

EPDI has a Radioactive Material License from the Texas Department of State Health Services to decontaminant NORM.  We are authorized to decontaminate any material or equipment, including tanks, drill pipe, liquid waste, and soil.

NORM Consulting Services

EPDI can conduct a detailed NORM survey on any equipment or location to determine if a hazardous work environment exists.  If the survey finds that NORM levels are above legal limits, we can outline the most cost effective remediation options.

NORM Decontamination Services

EPDI has many years of experience with site decommissioning and remediation as well as equipment decontamination.  EPDI is licensed to provide mobile decontamination services and utilizes proprietary chemical solutions and innovative procedures designed to reduce volume and lower NORM contamination to below regulatory levels.


Decontamination and Remediation Services include:

•  Saltwater Disposal Well Abandonment

•  Production Abandonment

•  Storage Tanks

•  Frac Tanks

•  Heater Treaters

•  Oilfield Drill Pipe & Flowlines

•  Machinery and Valves

•  Soil

NORM Training

NORM is an unavoidable byproduct in the oil and gas industry.  The proper handling, transportation and disposing of NORM is most effectively done by engaging employees in general and specific training courses to meet health physics and regulatory laws.

Implement proper worker safety culture and adhere to existing and future state regulations. These practices can be easily and routinely provided to employees at all levels within the company.

It is our goal to deliver the most comprehensive NORM safety training in the industry. Call us today to schedule training at our location or at your offices.


The following training courses are currently offered by EPDI:

NORM Radiation Safety Officer

•  40 hour training course

•  Held at the Nuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin

•  Hands on training with NORM surveyor equipment including gamma-ray  spectrometer

•  Includes a tour of the reactor and training facilities

•  Training valid for 3 years with one day refresher course offered

•  Prepares an employee to manage a NORM jobsite

•  Includes information on state regulations

•  Reductionpractices for radiation exposure to the employee and the general public

NORM Surveyor

•  8 hour class

•  Trains the employee on how to preform NORM surveys in the field

•  Hands on training with accepted radiation detection equipment

•  Proper safety methods for taking NORM surveys

•  Training valid for one  year

NORM Worker

•  4 hour class

•  Prepares the employee for work on a NORM  jobsite

•  Teaches proper safety procedures and PPE required for working on a jobsite with NORM

•  Training valid for one year

NORM Awareness

•  2 hour class

•  Introduction  to radiation in the oil and gas industry

•  Basic safety and health information for working with NORM