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Saltwater Disposal Well Chemical Services

EPDI manufactures a proprietary chemical used to treat saltwater disposal wells. EK-SWD will replace all existing SWD chemical programs and contains biocides, scale and corrosion inhibitors, specialty surfactants and scale removers. This unique formulation is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.


The chemical is continuously fed into the gun barrel or oil tank to treat the waste water and oil. The chemical cleans the waste water and separates the oil from the produced water more quickly and efficiently resulting in a higher skim oil ratio. During the treatment process, the chemical reacts with the various contaminants found in produced water and reduces the buildup of iron pads and tank bottoms. The prolonged use of EK-SWD will result in lower scale in tanks, pipes, and valves and will also prevent the buildup of scale on the downhole preformation's and formation resulting in lower wellhead pressure. Disposal wells that use EK-SWD experience higher oil recovery, reduced maintenance costs and lower wellhead pressure.  These benefits typically offset the costs of the daily chemical program.

Tank and Pipeline Cleaning Services

EPDI’s trained personnel can safely and effectively clean and remove all forms of waste from production tanks or saltwater disposal tanks without entering the tanks by utilizing EPDI’s proprietary chemical called EK-TC.  The chemical can also be utilized to clean pipelines and flowlines.


EK-TC is effective at cleaning tanks with BS&W buildup and pipelines with scale buildup. The chemical is injected into the tank and agitated for one to three hours, depending on the level of solids content, then allowed to sit for twelve hours. The chemical will dissolve the solids and allow the oil and water to separate from the solids. The oil can then be sold and the waste water disposed of at a saltwater disposal well. The tank can be completely cleaned without ever having a person enter the tank, which eliminates the risk to employees and significantly reduces the cost of tank cleaning.

Production Well Stimulation Services

EPDI manufactures a proprietary chemical used to stimulate production wells.


The primary goal of well stimulation is to increase the productivity of a well by improving the connectivity between the reservoir and the inflow zone of the well.


The main stimulation techniques are to remove or bypass near-wellbore damage (e.g. removing filter cake and fines) and increase the natural low permeability of the reservoir close to the well (e.g. open and enlarge pores in carbonates). EPDI’s proprietary chemical is the most effective well stimulation product in use today.