Who can wait a week for a water or solid analysis report?

The integrity of each analysis drastically decreases as time goes on – every second counts.

We have an arsenal of industry leading experts to interpret the lab results and perform a root cause analysis. EPDI’s technicians are trained to identify and collect water, oil, sludge, and scale samples from your field the right way. After collecting the samples, our technicians transport the samples to our in-house lab without the sample losing its integrity.

EPDI’s lab managers are trained to be the most efficient in selecting the type of tests and running it in a very short timeframe.  Our industry experts select a solution and conduct a performance testing to support our recommendations.

We guarantee our recommendations to make sure to eliminate the problem source to avoid reoccurrence.

Current Lab Testing Procedure

You’ve waited two weeks to receive a report that will likely require additional lab tests.
This process will take over thirty days before formulating an action plan.
Can you afford to wait?