EPDI is the most reliable choice in the NORM removal industry. We are licensed by the states of Texas and New Mexico as a “NORM” Decontamination Company and Specialty Chemical Blender. EPDI is currently the ONLY manufacturer of Red and Blue Heads that provides fully inspected anode assemblies (Test Data available upon request). Do not risk failure. Insist on EPDI Anodes, “The Safe Choice“.

What is NORM

Naturally occurring radioactive material, referred to as NORM, are materials, usually industrial wastes or by-products enriched with radioactive elements found in the environment, such as uranium, thorium, radium 226, radium 228, Pb 210, and potassium 40. To reduce and/or remove NORM is a very complex process, one that EPDI specializes in. Please visit our Services page for more information on these processes.

Contact Us

You can contact us toll-free at 844-677-6500. Our main office is located at:
9227 Thomasville Dr.
Houston, TX  77064

EPDI is ISNetworld® certified.


Upcoming Education Courses for August

  • August 27th – NORM Surveyor – Houston, TX

Upcoming Education Courses for September

  • September 15th-19th – Radiation Safety Officer Course – Pickle Research Campus, Austin, TX
  • September 18th – NORM Surveyor  – Oklahoma City, OK
  • September 25th – NORM Surveyor  – Midland, TX

For more course information and upcoming dates, refer to our Education page.